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Qixiang Ribbon Co., Ltd is the production of wholesale all kinds of ribbon for the main products of the manufacturers.Our company is a professional manufacturing company including the integration of design, production and sales in the field of lanyards. It is specialized in designing and producing variety of gift lanyards, luggage belt, belt, shoelaces, pet leashes, braided belt, garment accessories, etc. and provides OEM / ODM / OBM service for domestic and foreign companies.
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  • Firmenanschrift: Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
  • Gesprächspartner: Xiang
  • Handynummer.: 15958929935
  • Tel .: 86-579-85456002
  • Email: 534290836@qq.com
  • Webseite: http://de.adnose.com/shopqixiang/

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