Vip Member Service


1. General: You enter through registration page means that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the agreement with has the full authority to change any terms and conditions of the agreement at any time. If there is any change for the terms and conditions, a related notice will be published on The revised term and condition will effect immediately once publishing on

2. Operating Activities: provides you the platform, support you for legal trade operation. But for any loss caused by user’s fault, and any activities not recognized by, will not take any responsibility.

3. User Information: “Your Information” includes any information provided by you in public during registration, BBS communication, information publishing etc. or provided through email to or other user. You should take the full responsibility for “Your Information”, is passive channel, only provide you the platform for publishing “Your Information”.

If you register as a member on, you agree:

Provide information on your or your company's true, accurate, complete and reflect the current situation, according to the requirements of the member information form published on this website;

According to member information requirement of, all the information about you and your company is true, accurate, completed and reflect your current basic status. provides service for updating your information, so your information can be kept as true, accurate, completed and reflect your current status. If your information is not true, accurate, completed or can not reflect your current status, or has the right reason to suspect your information is not true, not accurate, not completed or can not reflect your current status, has the right to froze or terminate your membership.    

4. Account Security: During registration, you will set username and password. You are responsible for keeping your username and password confidential. Also take full responsibility for all of the activities under your username and password.


AD Express VIP Service Scope provides you convenience and high efficiency, also bring you new opportunity for further development.  Anytime and any place, if there is internet and computer, will let you enjoy shopping online

Service easily.

1. Special and personalized Ad Store service available for AD Express VIP member, provides exclusive Ad Store page for VIP member, contact method will be showed directly on store page and information page. 

2. Exclusive background service available for AD Express VIP member, convenient to manage advertising resources, and free keyword optimization. experts will optimize the keyword for free. VIP member can publish product, service, advertising directly.

3. Self-publishing news and notice will be showed on home page and Ads store, 


AD Express VIP Member Charge: USD2,000 per year, enjoying special privileges includes: 


1. Company name rolling on main channel of for 1 year.

2. Fixed advertising business card added on AD Master for 1 year

3. Company name added showed on "New AD Store" for 1 year

4. Advertised  in any section of the site to enjoy preferential treatment for 1 year

5. Your company website to join the website alliance (LOGO link) (1 year)

6. Recruitment information publishing for 1 year

7. Choose one --Advertising show (1 group) for 6 months or advertising board (12 pcs) for one year.

8. Logo Top recommendation on home page for 3 months

9. Immediate Release your latest dynamic information for 1 year (need to be approved by


10.Company advertisement in First Full Column Ads for 1 month